Kurdiani street Saburtalo Palace

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can the apartment be purchased on basis of the power of attorney?

    Yes, natural persons or legal entities can purchase the apartments on basis of the power of attorney.

  • Does the legal entity have right to purchase the real estate in “Lit Geo Invest” LLC?

    Yes,legal entity has right to purchase the real estate in “Lit Geo Invest” LLC. 

  • Can several persons buy the apartment at the same time or not?

    Yes, apartment may be owned by several persons at the same time, in this case they will be co-owners.

  • How can we receive the information about prices?

    To receive the information regarding the prices call at the number: 577 54 00 58 or visit to the sales office of “Lit Geo Invest” LLC, at the address: N7 Tsotne Dadiani street. 

  • Where is located the sales office and can we see the apartment?

    Sales office is located on the first floor of block “D” at N7 Tsotne Dadiani Str. You cans see the apartments as far as the sales office is located on the object.

  • How many apartments are located on each floor?

    Averagely 5-6 apartments are located in the block C of Dadiani Project, block D is divided into three entrances, there are located about 7-10 apartments in each of them.

  • Are there any commercial offices for sale?

    Commercial offices are located at the first floor of the block D of the project “House on Karvasla Square”

  • What kind of constructions does “Lit Geo Invest” LLC execute?

    “Lit Geo Invest” LLC builds residing apartments and commercial offices
  • Can desirous see the apartment?

    Sales office “House on Karvasla Square” is located on the object, that’s why you can see apartment in working hours.

  • What documents are enclosed to the contract? What documents should present the buyer?

    For the purpose of concluding the contract, the buyer should present the document certifying his/her identity; also power of attorney if necessary
  • Does the block have parking lots?

    In the project “House of Karvasla Square” – there are general parking lots in the inner yard of the blocks, and on the below floors of the blocks there are located payment requiring parking lots. What about “Saburtalo Palace”, there are also parking lots requiring the payment on three floors of the block.

  • In which situation are the apartments transferred in “Lit Geo Invest” and what includes the price?

    Apartments are transferred in white construction that includes: Contour walls of the apartment are built;  Ceiling height 2.90 meters (two meters and ninety centimeters);  Inner walls built with blocks agreeing with the buyer.  Balconies and terraces are revented (tiles paved) Wiring with counters (power cables are installed, 4 points in each room: 3 for plugs and 1 for light switch; 5 points in the kitchen: 4 for plugs and 1 for light switch; three points in bathroom and hall: 2 for plugs and 1 for light switch)  Gas pipe laid under concrete floor (with counter).  Central intercom system in the entrance;  Contours and inner walls are ground (except bathroom);  Sanitarian technical installments (cold water, sewerage);  Screeding a floor; heating pipes under concrete floor, water pipes brought up to radiators;  Metal-plastic doors and windows (with double glasses) on the building perimeter;  Enteringiron door (with bolt and lock) installed;  Switched on elevators.

  • What distance is between the blocks in the project "House on Karvasla Square"?

    Distance between the blocks A and B is about 15 meters; Distance between the blocks B and E is 10 meters; blocks E1 and E2 are located next to each other and distance between them is about 7 meters.  Distance between the blocks C and D is 10 meters.
  • How many storied blocks are foreseen in the project "House on Karvasla Square"?

    A, B, D, E1, E2 blocks (already built) are of 12-storey, and block C is of 20-storey

  • Which are the working hours of the Sales office of “Lit Geo Invest” LLC?

    Working hours of the Sales office:Monday-Friday 09:00-18:00; Saturday 10:00-16:00. 

Sales Office


  • What important objects are located near the territory of “Lit Geo Invest” LLC?

    There is located trade center “Karvasla” in 20 meters distance from Dadiani Object. As well as at 5 minutes away there is located “Tbilisi Central” from where the transport moves to any direction of the city.

Payment terms

  • Can we use the payment by inner installments without any interests?

    Yes, youcan use paying by inner installments without interest till the completion of the construction

  • In case of purchasing the apartment when should we pay the amount?

    In case of purchasing the apartment, paying terms are foreseeing in the purchasing contract.

  • Is there any discount in case of paying the total cost of the apartment or buying several apartments at the same time?

    You should pay total amount for the completed apartments; what about the projects under construction there are some discounts in case of paying the total amount.

  • While purchasing the apartment should I pay any additional fees for electricity, gas and water counters?

    Buyer doesn’t pay anything regarding the counters.