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Thorough Repairs

About Project

Current project of the company is different 20-storey construction complex with modern technologiesin Tbilisi, Tsotne Dadiani Str. in the neighborhood of trade center “Karvasla”, block "C". 

Apartments are transferred in white construction that includes: Contour walls of the apartment are built; 
Ceiling height 2.90 meters (two meters and ninety centimeters); 
Inner walls built with blocks agreeing with the buyer. 
Balconies and terraces are revented (tiles paved) Wiring with counters (power cables are installed, 4 points in each room:
3 for plugs and 1 for light switch;
5 points in the kitchen:
4 for plugs and 1 for light switch; three points in bathroom and hall: 2 for plugs and 1 for light switch) 
Gas pipe laid under concrete floor (with counter). 
Central intercom system in the entrance; 
Contours and inner walls are ground (except bathroom); 
Sanitarian technical installments (cold water, sewerage); 
Screeding a floor; heating pipes under concrete floor, water pipes brought up to radiators; 
Metal-plastic doors and windows (with double glasses) on the building perimeter; 
Enteringiron door (with bolt and lock) installed; 
Switched on elevators.


Payment Terms

The user, who wants to buy an apartment in  "Lit Geo Invest" will have the opportunity to take advantage of the company's interest free credit until the end of  construction or the bank through which a customer can lease "Lit Geo Invest" acquired real estate.