Kurdiani street Saburtalo Palace

საბურთალო პალასი

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Flat 92


53.59 m.2

Verandah 6.272

Thorough Repairs

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  • შესასვლელი 1 8.28 m.2
  • სამზარეულო 6.61 m.2
  • მისაღები ოთახი 1 14.42 m.2
  • საძინებელი1 12.28 m.2
  • აბაზანა 1 4.73 m.2
  • აივანი 2 6.27 m.2

About Project

Construction of tenement residing complex is started on Snadro Euli Str. N5, Tbilisi. The Complex includes residing apartments, commercial areas and parking lots. Apartments are transferred in white construction.


Payment Terms

The user, who wants to buy an apartment in  "Lit Geo Invest" will have the opportunity to take advantage of the company's interest free credit until the end of  construction or the bank through which a customer can lease "Lit Geo Invest" acquired real estate.